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Collectors (ABC)


Collectors was a weekly ABC program which showcased many collectors and their diverse obsessions. On August the 10th 2007 my collection was one that featured on the show. It was filmed at the State Library of Victoria as part of the show's 'on tour' program.

As young boys my brother and I would seek ways to amuse ourselves. For many years and even though we had been repeatedly told not to, one such form of entertainment was to turn the handle on my Nonna's gramophone which sat with pride of place in the lounge room. On one such occasion of self pursued entertainment, the old spring in that gramophone went clunk, and the machine began its silent sabbatical.


The machine, a Glenola, which still forms part of the collection today sat patiently. It wasn't until I was about 13 (1991) that we met a person who offered to fix the gramophone. The motor was repaired and the Glenola was again given life. This sparked a desire to see more of these wonderful machines. Soon an interest in Gramophones & Phonographs, Radios and even the odd telephone became somewhat of an obsession.


I am lucky enough to have met many interesting and friendly personalities in my pursuit through the hobby, both here in Australia and abroad... with the support of my family I have been able to put together an ever evolving collection which I share on these pages, I hope you enjoy them...

© Mario Frazzetto 2015

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